At their next meeting on December 7th, The Howard County Board of Education will elect a new Chair and Vice Chair. This is the first item on the agenda for the 7th:

See the full agenda on BoardDocs:

The current Chair and Vice Chair of the BOE are:

  • Chair: Chao Wu
  • Vice Chair: Jen Mallo

All current members include:


My hope is that the Board elects a new Chair and Vice Chair from members that have shown an interest and willingness to show up regularly to meetings in person.

If you watch past meetings it is clear who those members are:

Peter Banyas, Christina Delmont-Small, Chao Wu, Vicky Cutroneo
Yun Lu
Antonia Watts, Jolene Mosley, Jen Mallo

I have found it interesting to personally see Board members at community events or see photos of Board members at community events while continuing to serve in their position on the Board remotely.

Watts at a political event in November 2021 and public Tweets from Mallo and Mosley from events in October 2021

Again, I hope the next Chair and Vice Chair will be willing to serve in those positions in person (and maybe someday…all members will be in person again).

That is just my opinion on this topic. What do you think?

Scott E


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