If you were hoping for a quick resolution in the Defamation case filed in Howard County Circuit Court by Lisa Kim against Jennifer Solpietro (Jenny Solpietro) you might be disappointed.

On December 2nd a “Conference – Settlement” was held and no settlement was reached so the case is now scheduled to go to trial in January of 2023.

For some background from back in March 2021:


Of the three original Defamation cases, the case against Jenny Solpietro was the one not dismissed by the court system. The cases against Tom Coale and Byron Macfarlane were dismissed and they were both appealed… those appeals are still on-going.

There is also now a 4th Defamation case filed by Lisa Kim recently (November 2021)…this one against Ainy Haider-Shah.

Here is a history of past articles on this topic:

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