Howard County Police provides update on incident at Howard High School on December 2nd

Screenshot from the video making the rounds on social media

Update provided on December 3rd:

As part of an investigation into an incident at Howard High School yesterday (Dec. 2), the police department is aware of a video that is circulating showing the physical engagement of three people with a student who had reportedly been assaulting multiple other students.

There were two employees of the Howard County Public School System seen physically engaging with the student. One was an HCPSS security guard and the other a school administrator.

A School Resource Officer (SRO) at the school is also seen in the video at the student’s feet instructing the student to calm down. The incident remains under review by HCPD, and HCPSS is in full cooperation of the investigation.

At no time was there any weapon involved, nor did the student attempt to take the SRO’s weapon.

During the incident, the school initiated a modified lockdown, which was lifted by the school after the incident. There were no other students injured or police-related incidents after the occurrence.

Per our MOU with HCPSS, the SRO and all HCPSS staff involved will not be assigned to any school for the duration of the investigation.

A determination about possible charges is still pending for both the involved student and the HCPSS security guard.


You can see the video making the round on social media here:

There is also a version of the video HERE.

Article Update on December 3rd:

A Message From the Superintendent: A Letter to HCPSS Students, Staff and Families on Incident at Howard HS

The following statement was issued to Howard County Public School System staff, students, families and community by HCPSS Superintendent Michael Martirano on Dec. 3, 2021:

I am writing to you after reviewing the details of an incident that occurred at Howard High School, and to address speculation regarding the incident. On Thursday, Dec. 2, a student was involved in an altercation during which administration and security staff had to intervene. We are aware of rumors and conversations related to this incident that have circulated throughout our community, and many people are understandably upset. We also are aware that a video of the incident has circulated on social media.

First, I want to assure our students, staff and community that no weapon was involved at any point during the altercation. Second, I want you to know that HCPSS staff are working with the Howard County Police Department to investigate the incident and review video footage from the school. Consistent with our Memorandum of Understanding with HCPD and standard HCPSS procedures, the school resource officer and HCPSS staff involved will not be assigned to any school while the investigation is ongoing. I ask all community members for your patience and to allow the investigation by HCPSS and HCPD to be completed, at which time an update will be provided, as appropriate.

Maintaining a safe environment in our schools is of utmost importance and remains the primary focus of our efforts. I appreciate the cooperation of students, families, staff and community agencies as we work to investigate and respond to yesterday’s events. I want to assure all of you that support services are available at every school to provide necessary supports to any staff or students who need assistance.

Scott E

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