Lisa Kim has filed a 4th Defamation case in Howard County Circuit Court. This one was filed on November 22nd against Qurratul-Ain Haider-Shah (Ainy Haider-Shah – see note at the bottom of the article).

This one is early on in the proceedings so there is not a lot of information out there yet.


I will be reaching out to the parties involved to see if I can gather additional details for a future article.

Here is the latest update on the other three Defamation cases against a Howard County Podcaster, a Blogger, and an Elected Official:

  • Vs Jennifer Solpietro: Case was not dismissed and is now scheduled for a Conference – Settlement on December 2nd (today) at 11:30am

  • Vs. Byron Macfarlane: Case dismissed then appealed. Case on-going:

Scott E

Note: Information from an old campaign finance report showing an address match to Qurratul-Ain Haider-Shah:


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