Reported by Scott E’s Blog on November 25th: Howard County Councilmember Opel Jones files to run for reelection in 2022 (Read Article). On November 29th Councilmember Jones released a campaign video to announce his reelection in 2022.

In that video, Councilmember Jones mentions some legislation by sharing screenshots from news entities (and a local blogger). Three of the screenshots were from the Baltimore Sun website and two of the screenshots were from Scott E’s Blog. It is a little difficult to tell the articles from Scott E’s Blog so I made sure to highlight them here in this video for you:

If you are interested in seeing the full video here is the public link being shared around social media:


I feel like we have come a long way from the “Bloggers are not News” statements made by other local bloggers in the past. I believe Bloggers have the ability to be part of the local news scene while providing their opinions on the news (not all that different from the main stream media at times).

I also like the fact that articles from the “Yeah right, a local blogger maybe…” (Click Here) were significant enough to make the cut in the final produced video.

I wish Opel Jones a lot of luck in his upcoming election. He currently does not have an opponent but the filing deadline is not until February 22, 2022. I am tracking candidates running in many of the local races in Howard County here:

If you are planning a run for office in 2022 be sure to reach out ([email protected]) so I am sure to see it and document it for my readers.

Scott E


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