Dr. Steven A. Lockard (Superintendent of Carroll County Public Schools) announced he will not seek another term after his contract ends in June. Here is a copy of an email sent Friday afternoon to parents:

Dear Carroll County Public Schools Community,

It has been an honor and privilege to serve Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) as superintendent over these past four school years. CCPS is an excellent school system with talented and dedicated employees and outstanding students with so much potential. Our engaged parent and broader community truly cares about education and the issues and matters so important to the success of each and every one of our students.

I wanted to inform you that this will be my last year serving the system as superintendent. The term of my contract will come to an end this June, and I will not be seeking a new contract for another term. In reflection, I am making a decision to step back and refocus more of my time with my family, and seeking out other professional opportunities.


I share this with you now, as the Board of Education needs time to conduct their search for the next superintendent. I am sure there will be opportunities for all stakeholders to provide input, perspective, and feedback to that process, and you should expect to see more information regarding a superintendent search for CCPS soon.

Meanwhile, I remain committed to supporting the system through the end of my current term and will do everything I can to support an effective transition.

I can’t thank the entire CCPS community enough for their investment and advocacy in supporting our system, especially over the last two years of significant challenges. Our teachers, administrators, support employees, and all of our staff are incredible. I remain indebted to their dedication, commitment, and the tireless work on behalf of students.

Steven A. Lockard Superintendent


Dr. Steven A. Lockard was appointed to a four-year term as Superintendent of Carroll County Public Schools effective July 1, 2018. (More)

At the time of this article there have been no updates on the CCPS website ( or CCPS social media channels (Facebook | Twitter) about this announcement.

This email has been confirmed by an article from the Carroll County Times…check it out for additional information:


Scott E


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