On November 17th The Carroll County delegation approved a new commissioner district map. Here is a look at the map that was approved:

Here is the link to the PDF map online:

A big part of the discussion on Wednesday night with the new proposed map was around keeping cities together…specifically mentioned was Finksburg, Freedom District and Westminster. You can watch the discussion in this video:


As a somewhat recent resident of Carroll County (Finksburg) I like the new map. I think I may like it more than the maps provided by the redistricting committee (view those here). It looks like I will remain in District 2.

I do hope the GIS system address look up is available soon for residents to see where they fall in this new map. I know I want to see this ASAP. I also hope additional data (population and demographic information) is released in the near future.

I will be reaching out to the Delegation members and the County to see if they can get this information online for residents.

The General Assembly will consider the proposed map during a December special session. I expect this should go through without any issue but will keep an eye out just in case.

Here is a link to the Redistricting webpages for more information:

Scott E


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