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We now have our 5th candidate running for Board of Education in Carroll County in 2022 at this point: Katie Speert. Katie filed on November 19th.

Here is a post from her campaign Facebook page:

ARTICLE UPDATE: Statement from Katie Speert:


Understanding why I want to serve my community through the Carroll County Board of Education is simple. My approach is to focus on one thing; opening doors to provide opportunity for all students and staff to achieve their highest potential.

Undoubtedly, our students, families, and staff have suffered a great deal since the beginning of the pandemic. Their mental and emotional well-being has been stretched thin, trying to navigate new roles and responsibilities and adjust to current norms.

It is my goal to use my educational background and work experience to build a trauma-informed school system.  With a collective and consistent shift to treating everyone with unconditional dignity and respect, we will increase community connection and therefore, individual success. Strengthening community ties with Carroll County businesses and organizations will increase our educational footprint and increase access and opportunity for our students and educators to learn and develop beyond the classroom.

By giving a voice to our students and staff, creating access and equity within our community, and empathizing with one another, we can break through barriers and maintain a quality school system where people feel connected and supported.

Readiness should be defined beyond academic success. As a school system, we have an opportunity to educate the whole child and help foster social emotional development, as well as curiosity and a love for learning. With this approach, our students will achieve greater success both in an out of the classroom and be able to enter the world as self-sufficient and independent young adults.

Our education system has always been important to me, but in October 2021 it became personal when my husband and I welcomed our first son into this world. As a lifelong Carroll County resident, a future CCPS parent, and a long-time advocate for children I believe that I will bring new voice and perspective to our Board of Education.


Here is a look at all candidates that have filed to run in 2022 to date:

  • Tara Battaglia*
  • Patricia Ann Dorsey*
  • Amanda Jozkowski
  • Tom Scanlan
  • Katie Speert

* – candidates are running for reelection

I have a feeling this is going to be a BIG field of candidate in 2022.

I will continue to track candidates running in 2022 here:

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