Howard County Politics: Natalie Ziegler files a Candidate Committee Registration on November 9th

Some interesting political news for Howard County residents: Natalie Ziegler filed a Candidate Committee Registration (campaign finance account named Friends of Natalie Ziegler) on November 9th. Here is a look at what was filed:

See the full filing here:

Natalie ran for Delegate in District 9A in 2018 and won in the Primary but lost a close race in the General Election.

Here are the results from the 2018 Democratic Primary:

Here are the results from the 2018 General Election:

District 9A covers both Howard and Carroll County (but more Howard County voters than Carroll County voters in that district).

There is no telling what that district will look like after redistricting is completed.

I do not have any knowledge yet on what office she may seek in 2022 (if I had to guess I would lean towards another run for Delegate…or maybe County Council…but again…I do not have any information yet).

I will keep an eye out for future candidate filings at the local and state levels.

Here are the candidates I know are running in Howard County as of today:

Scott E

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