Carroll County News updates on November 10th: Board of Education to discuss Bonuses for Bus Drivers, Carroll Transit COVID-19 Updates, Upcoming Round 2 Football Playoffs Games and Political Updates

Here is a quick recap of what I talked about today (November 10th) in the Live News Broadcast for Carroll County:

News: Board of Education to discuss bonuses for bus drivers and assistants, Carroll Transit begins to open routes after COVID-19 exposure, Governor Hogan promotes preservation of 75,000 acre of farmland, Sheriff’s office investigating suspicious death

Politics: Patricia Dorsey files for reelection to the Board of Education

Sports: Upcoming Regional Round 2 games for High School Football programs in the state tournament

Watch the video update here:

Here are links to stories mentioned in the Live Broadcast:

The Carroll County Board of Education to discuss Recognition Bonus for Bus Drivers and Assistants on November 10th:

Effective November 4th Carroll Transit System will halt all transit services due to a COVID-19 exposure within the company; anticipated to resume November 9th:

On November 9th Carroll Transit System will re-open three TrailBlazer routes:

In 2020 Carroll County reached the milestone of preserving over 75,000 acres of farmland – more than any county in the state:

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office investigating suspicious death on Flag Marsh Road:

Patricia Ann Dorsey files to run for reelection to the Carroll County Board of Education in 2022:

Carroll County Football: MPSSAA State Football Tournament Regional First Round Results:

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I hope you find these updates useful. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of stories I should be following always feel free to reach out to me.

Scott E

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