HomeSlyce Pizza Bar in Columbia cancels controversial We The People 2 event on November 9th

I was contacted by a person representing HomeSlyce Pizza Bar in Columbia yesterday evening (via email and then we spoke on the phone yesterday evening). They have informed me that the We The People 2 event scheduled to happen at Homeslyce Pizza Bar is cancelled (or at least will not happen inside their establishment). Here are some excerpts from an email sent to me:

“We were blind sided by the nature of the organization, and NEVER would have booked a political event OF ANY TYPE in any of our restaurants. Unknowingly, our manager took the reservation as we have many celebrations in our party room, but NEVER a political meeting of any type.”

“I went on their website just now and informed them that the event is cancelled and they are not welcome to come.”

“…but we would rather close the restaurant than to entertain any political event of any kind. We have been in a great place with the community for many years and will never jeopardize the relationships we have worked so hard to attain.”

The event was reported by Scott E’s Blog after the Howard County Education Association (HCEA) sponsored an Action Network event to protest the event (reported on November 3rd): Howard County Education Association plans to protest We The People 2 event at HomeSlyce Pizza in Columbia on November 9th

HoCo WatchDogs followed up on November 4th with information that showed the HCEA removed the Action Network event (possibly canceling their involvement in any type of potential protest): Who is Calling the Shots at the Howard County Education Association (HCEA)?

I will keep an eye out to see if the We the People 2 Event (A Forum on parents’ voice, critical race theory, and sexual explicit materials in public schools) is moved to a new location.

Scott E


  1. Scott – are you able to put me in touch with Gordana by chance? We used to work together, but I’ve lost her number. I’d like to help relocate this event if possible.


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