Mount Airy Special Election for Mayor Results: Larry Hushour wins over Pamela Reed

Larry Hushour won the special election for Mayor in Mount Airy by a vote of 1,160 to 548 over Pamela Reed on November 2nd.

Here are some items noted in the press conference (see video below):

  • 116 absentee ballots were casts; based on in-person voting these votes will not influence the results
  • 1,710 people voted in person (believed to be a record for turnout)
  • There are 7,014 registered voters in Mount Airy (2,703 in Frederick County and 4,311 in Carroll County)
  • Larry Hushour will be sworn in as Mayor of Mount Airy on November 9th.

Watch the Town of Mount Airy Mayoral Election Results Press Release November , 2021 (Watch Video Here)


Scott E

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