Columbia Democratic Club shares some interesting information about Howard County Councilmanic Redistricting Maps

The Columbia Democratic Club has shared some interesting information (via email) about Howard County Councilmanic Redistricting. Here is the text in part of that email sent out:

Have you submitted your Councilmanic Redistricting testimony yet?

As a reminder, the Howard County Councilmanic Redistricting Commission will be meeting at 4:00 pm on November 2 to review testimony on the four proposed redistricting plans. Two of these plans, A and B, were created by Democratic representatives to the commission and two, C and D, were created by GOP representatives. To date, the GOP has submitted far more testimony in support of their plans and against the Democratic plans. That’s why it is critical that we take the opportunity to get our testimony submitted.

Here is a screenshot of the email they sent out:

There is a reason I mentioned a wanting to see party affiliation changes in the demographic data with the new maps back on October 22nd:

I believe not having this information released to the public is a BIG mis-step by the committee and by the Howard County Council.

As you can see in the information above party maps are out there and we just do not know if these maps are drawn in order to “pick” the voters the elected officials want instead of what is best for the county as a whole.

Here is a look at the remaining schedule for redistricting:

Get more information about the redistricting process including maps and data here:

Scott E

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