Howard County Representatives from District 12 and 13 to Boycott Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel until management allows workers to return to their jobs

The following letter was shared by Delegate Jessica Feldmark on social media:

Howard County Representatives Stand in Solidarity with UNITE HERE Local 7 Hotel Workers

Public statement issued on October 27, 2021:

As elected officials, we would typically be excited to celebrate the grand re-opening of a Howard County business. We wish we were in a position to look forward to visiting and patronizing the newly renovated Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel as soon as it opens.
Unfortunately, instead, we find ourselves letting local organizations !mow that we will be unable to attend events held at this location until hotel management allows workers to return to their jobs.

Hotel employees who have served the community and our visitors for years were laid off for no fault of their own approximately a year and a half ago when the hotel closed due to COVID, Now, as the hotel prepares to re-open, we call on hotel management and ownership to recognize and re-hire those former employees who wish to return to the positions they previously held. These are hard-working individuals who have served our community well for years. We are sorry to see them in this struggle but proud to stand by them through it.

As advocates for fair wages, safe working conditions, and workers’ right to organize, we hope and trust that this dispute can be resolved soon. Until then, we will honor the AFL-CIO boycott of the Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel.

  • Senator Guy Guzzone
  • Senator Clarence Lam
  • Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary
  • Delegate Eric Ebersole
  • Delegate Jessica Feldmark
  • Delegate Terri Hill
  • Delegate Shane Pendergrass
  • Delegate Jen Terrasa

Note: I used an OCR program to get the text above from the image shared online. I apologize for any errors and you can see the original image from the post below


The Baltimore Business Journal published this article recently about the hotel: A look inside the Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel, opening in Columbia this fall

The Howard County Chamber of Commerce recently held their Economic Forecast Breakfast event at this location (click image to see social media post from Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel)

According to the Hotel website:

Will be opening in the fall of 2021. Our exact grand opening date hasn’t been determined. Are you attending a concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion? Please fill out the contact us form & we will notify you once we are able to accept reservations for the summer months. As the hotel gets closer to opening we will be updating our website & social media with our exact grand opening date. We look forward to welcoming you all very soon!

One last noteworthy item: David Costello is the owner of the hotel (source: Baltimore Business Journal – see link above). So I wonder if this boycott will include no longer receiving direct campaign finance contributions or contributions from his company (Costello Construction) going forward? Something for me to watch in the January campaign finance filings.

Scott E


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my understanding that Brad Canfield also has a piece of the action — note use of the Merriweather name. If Costello and Canfield both drop out of campaign funding, the political campaign pickings would be rather sparse.

    I expect they will stay fully engaged.


  2. Something is not being disclosed by the owner and the union. And, I don’t know what it is.

    With the shortage of workers, it would be in the best interest of the hotel to re-hire former employees immediately. And, I’m sure the hotel management are offering more than what the employees made in the past.

    If the employees are not being re-hired, they can go a lot of places to work and make more than they made at the former hotel.

    Somehow I feel we are “being played” by the PR machine of the union.


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