Carroll County and Howard County News for October 28th: Carroll School Board Open Meetings Act Violation; CCPS and HCPSS latest COVID-19 data, Missing Columbia man found unharmed, Political updates

Here is a quick recap of what I talked about today (October 28th) in the Live Broadcast:

For Carroll County: Open Meeting Act Violation by the Carroll County School Board, Latest CCPS COVID-19 data, High School football games rescheduled

For Howard County: Latest HCPSS COVID-19 data, Carjacking in Columbia, Missing Columbia man found unharmed, Representatives from District 12 and District 13 to Boycott Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel

Other News: Peter Franchot choses Monique Anderson-Walker as his running mate, Congressman Ruppersberger leaves Facebook and Instagram, More Goucher College polling data from Oct 28th

Watch the update here:

Here are links to stories mentioned in the Live Broadcast:

Carroll County Schools Open Meeting Act Violation:

Carroll County Schools COVID data:

Carroll County High School Football games rescheduled from 10/29/21 to tonight or Saturday:

Howard County Schools COVID data:

Carjacking in Columbia:

Missing Columbia man John Hamilton has been located unharmed in Baltimore City:

Howard County Representatives from District 12 and 13 to Boycott Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel:

Peter Franchot has selected Monique Anderson-Walker as running mate:

Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) announced he will deactivate his Facebook and Instagram accounts:

Goucher Polling part 3 on October 28th:

Be sure to follow these social media accounts for the Live Broadcasts in the mornings (usually around 7:00am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday):

Twitch TV:

Programming note: There will not be a Live Broadcast this Saturday (October 30th) due to the change in the Carroll County High School football schedules. I will either make it up Sunday (October 31st) or Monday (November 1st).


I hope you find these updates useful. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of stories I should be following always feel free to reach out to me.

Scott E

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