I am continuing to track some of the recent news updates for Carroll County and Howard County. Here is a recap of what I talked about today in the video:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Updates from:
    • Governor Larry Hogan
    • Howard County Health Department
    • Carroll County Health Department
  • In Sykesville: Main Street will be closed at Church Street down to Baldwin Drive from 5:00 – 7:00 pm on Saturday October 23 for the Trick or Treat on Main event
  • Letter from the Howard County Chamber of Commerce about the Howard County Minimum Wage Legislation
  • Article from HoCo Watchdogs: Proposed Revisions to HCPSS Policy 6010 – School Attendance Areas (Redistricting)
  • Howard County Councilmanic Redistricting: Address Lookup and Demographic Data now available
  • Carroll County Football: Week 8 scores and standings from October 22nd plus updated power rankings

Watch here for the updates this morning:

Here are links of interest noted in the video:


COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Updates from:

Governor Hogan:[0]=AZVwA07KUq3P2YBRJU_B0qOmqoC6rcj1M7BJLo2GPDp4E4jvVu7MvKvx3UbNvRzk_u9BFlx5k7dvYpqMq4zFfUOWSGOs50v1MZalvtqsuajcty2hjPXBFpE_w2RjsGlXZ0AW6a7AjlOGCtu6D3c-M2D9&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Howard County Health:[0]=AZXt43SuSzU4CH77AKxzKTbWtSCEa4sJoIHgJ-XK2Y3w_EnI56zNeSQ750O0_5YiKbP02ohzFvlwtZx-TyoIebvWsEo9kdwHMQtgFCF-A9zf40iuJ4IhY0f6CMaY3wldalCVhsjs1nQX14q5eElj6lUq&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Carroll County Health:[0]=AZXUZrKsm0nFmqMhHxuUuYuW62_Pt5qLADcySCCPflURdmmg1nnExBP-lyhL4iLBS-RIbmzb0i3JT3EwiTH2kDQkl9cHDi-SXQrsRY3QIz_GKKCibbY14__7puKbAR4hjlS4IFHkh4QaxurD3HNcHE36&__tn__=R]-R

Temporary closure of Main Street for Town Event in Sykesville:

Howard County Chamber letter about Minimum Wage Legislation:

HoCo Watchdogs: Proposed Revisions to HCPSS Policy 6010 – School Attendance Areas (Redistricting): The Good, the Bad and the Unaddressed:

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I hope you find these updates useful. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of stories I should be following always feel free to reach out to me.

Scott E


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