Howard County continues to see a decline in COVID-19 cases and hospital utilization metrics

Posted by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball on October 18th:

Howard County continues to see a decline in our COVID-19 cases and hospital utilization metrics. As of 9:00 a.m. today, our 7-day average positivity rate is 1.81% and our 7-day average case rate per 100,000 of our population is 7.5. There are currently 13 COVID-19 patients in both ICU and Acute Care units, as of October 14th.

Howard County also continues to be a leader in vaccination rates, with 94.2 percent of eligible residents 12 and older having received at least one dose of a vaccine and 87.8 percent of those residents are fully vaccinated. Please note, as more data becomes available through the Maryland Department of Health, for example data around boosters, we will update the County’s COVID-19 dashboard as appropriate.

Residents who are unvaccinated are at much higher risk for hospitalization and death from COVID-19. While the vaccines do not protect 100 percent from becoming infected, persons who are fully vaccinated are more likely to experience mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Persons who are fully vaccinated may be eligible for booster shots. Please check with your medical provider or for more information.

If you or a loved one has not yet been vaccinated, we encourage you to get your shot today. The Howard County Health Department has an abundant supply available and getting vaccinated is the single most effective way to prevent hospitalization or death from COVID-19. To find a COVID-19 vaccine clinic near you, including those offering the Pfizer booster shot, visit or call 410-313-6284.

As cooler weather approaches, be sure to also schedule a flu shot for you and your family. Upcoming Health Department clinics can be found at


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