I am still having a good time with my live video updates / broadcasts for Howard County and Carroll County News. I expect most updates will happen around 7:00am most mornings. Here is a recap of what I talked about today in the video:

  • Bus Driver Fair in Howard County
  • 50th anniversary event for Long Reach Village
  • Cop and Goblins event in Wilde Lake Middle School
  • Opioid overdoes number from Howard County Police
  • Burglaries in Hampstead
  • Basement fire in Howard County
  • Recent incidents at HCPSS sporting events
    • New policy on attendance of Middle School and younger students at events
  • Portrait unveiling for Major General (Retired) Linda Singh
  • Fundraising event for Howard County Sheriff Marcus Harris
  • Costume parties at Nottingham’s Tavern

Watch here for the update this morning:

Be sure to follow these social media accounts for the Live Broadcasts in the mornings:


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I hope you find these update useful. If you have any suggestions always feel free to reach out to me.

Scott E


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