Howard County Community Organizations Announce a “No Developer/ No Dark Money Campaign Pledge”

In a press release sent to Scott E’s Blog: Howard County, Maryland October 11th, 2021 —

In an effort to reduce the influence of the developer lobby in Howard County’s local and state-level politics, several community organizations are cosponsoring a “No Developer, No Dark Money” Campaign Pledge for candidates to sign, allowing the candidates to show voters they are not taking these kinds of donations. This initiative comes after decades of heavy developer influence in the local political system, primarily through large campaign contributions from developers and their affiliates to state and local elected officials and candidates. Candidates running for county council, county executive, board of education, state delegate, state senator, and party central committees are all encouraged to sign.

“The community has had enough. No one industry should have such a deep influence on our politics,” says Paul Baicich, the Chair of Our Revolution Howard County, one of the co-sponsoring organizations.

The Pledge cosponsors are: Progressive Democrats of Howard County, Our Revolution Howard County, Sunrise Movement Howard County, The People’s Voice, and the Howard County Citizens Association. The cosponsors anticipate a large amount of community enthusiasm behind the initiative. “There have been many attempts to get legal removal of special interest funding from local development decisions, to no avail. This is an excellent attempt to now define this issue from the candidate side,” says Lisa Markovitz, President of The People’s Voice.

Additional organizations will be able to sign on in support of the initiative on the Pledge website here:

Individuals will also be able to voice their support on an individual supporter petition, which can also be accessed on the site. After individuals sign the petition, they will have the option to send an email to Howard County candidates informing them that they support the Pledge, encouraging them to become a Pledge Champion:

The text of the pledge can be found on the home page of their website:

Candidates can start the process to becoming a signer here:

The list of “Pledge Champions” (candidates who sign the pledge) will be made publicly available at

For more information, contact or 443-218-6365. Social Media handles: @HoCoPledge


Here is the original press release: Pledge Announcement Press Release FINAL 10.10.21.docx

Here is the Facebook page for this issue:

Scott E


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