Howard County Politics: Deb Jung announced her campaign has qualified for the Citizens’ Election Fund

Current Howard County Councilmember (in District 4) and candidate for re-election in 2022 Deb Jung has announced that her campaign has qualified for the Howard County Citizens’ Election Fund.

In a recent post on social media:

What does it take to qualify for the fund in Howard County? Here are the details:

How much money would an individual have to raise in qualified contributions to become a certified candidate?

– Each County Council Member candidate must collect from County residents at a minimum:

  • 125 qualifying contributions (minimum $5 but not to exceed $250); and
  • an aggregate total of $10,000.

You can learn more about the fund in the FAQ from Howard County:

Other news related to the District 4 race:

Darren Vilus (Republican) withdrew from the Council Council race in District 4: Darren Vilus withdraws from the Howard County Council District 4 race; now running for County Executive in 2022

If the rumors I am hearing are true…we might have another candidate entering this race before the February 22nd deadline: Howard County Politics: A Candidate Committee Registration review shows a new entity for Janssen Evelyn and others. Note – This is just a rumor and a candidate committee registration…this resident has not filed to run for any office at this time.


Keep up with all candidates running in Howard County here:

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Scott E

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