My experience with Rapid and PCR Mobile COVID-19 Testing in Howard County

I thought I would take a few minutes and let folks know about my experience with the First Call Urgent Care and Centennial Medical Group mobile testing unit in Howard County.

I was not feeling 100% recently. I really did not think it was COVID but to be sure I wanted to get tested ASAP and get my results back as quickly as possible.

I checked around and the Rapid & PCR Mobile Testing in Howard County looked like my best option for quick testing and quick results. One of the Mobile Testing Units was scheduled to be at the Howard County Government building (George Howard Building) on Wednesday and I was already going to be in that general area so I went with that option (plus the testing site opened at 9:00am on Wednesday).

I showed up a little early (8:45am) because I was not sure how busy this site would be in the mornings. Turns out I was first to arrive and get in line. Getting places early works out sometimes. By the time the Mobile Unit opened for business there were around 10 people waiting to be tested.

The testing process was easy:

  • They bring around a sheet of paper with a QR code. You scan it with your phone and check in online.
  • You then walk up to a table and they verify your information that you put in on the phone
  • You then go up to the first window on the bus where they ask some additional questions.
  • You then go to the second window on the bus and they take the nasal swabs. You do two of them (for the PCR and Rapid)
  • You then go around the other side of the bus to the third window where you chat online with the doctor via a tablet.

I would say I got the first result (Rapid Test) back in 15 to 20 minutes via text message. It came back negative. I also received and email around that same time with the negative result.

The second result (PCR Test) came back via email before midnight. That result also came back negative.

To be honest the negative results were what I was expecting. This was just more of a “better safe than sorry” moment. It also gave me a great article to write up here on the blog.

All in all this is a great service in Howard County and I recommend it if you are concerned at all or need quick results from testing.

If you want to learn more about the Rapid & PCR Mobile Testing in Howard County check out this information from the Howard County Health Department COVID-19 Testing page:

Rapid testing and PCR testing will be available to residents at no upfront cost through a partnership with First Call Urgent Care and Centennial Medical Group at the following sites each week. These testing sites will help promote more equitable healthcare and ensure all populations have access to COVID-19 testing in Howard County.

Type of Test: Nasal Swab

When & Where: Seven days a week, 12pm – 7pm (unless otherwise noted) Click here for the complete schedule and locations.

Price: No upfront costs. Contact your insurance company for coverage limits.

Appointments: Appointments are not necessary

Phone: (443) 351-7301



Here is a screenshot of the current schedule for the Mobile Units in Howard County:

Be sure to visit this page in case the schedules change:

Scott E

One comment

  1. Be glad you showed up early. My wife got her tests with them on starting at 11 on Sunday. There was a three hour wait, the rapid tests took about 6 hours and the PCR test didn’t come back until Wednesday.


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