Darren Vilus withdraws from the Howard County Council District 4 race; now running for County Executive in 2022

The ever changing filings of Darren Vilus continues in Howard County. After filing to run for Howard County Council in District 4 back in May…he has now withdrawn that filing and refiled to run for Howard County Executive in 2022. Here are the recent filings:

Howard County Council in District 4:

Howard County Executive:


A fun fact about these recent filings: The address has changed for Darren Vilus and the most recent address is in District 3. I know this because I used to live on that street. His previous address listed in the filing was 12114 Little Patuxent Pkwy.

Darren considered a run for County Executive back in 2018 but ended up withdrawing before the election:

I have still not been able to find a website or any social media channels for this candidate.

I will keep an eye out for updates. Be sure to check this resource for candidate listings, websites and social media channels for candidates in Howard County:


Scott E

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