I continue to track the COVID-19 “Post-Vaccination Infections” data reported by the State of Maryland on the COVID-19 dashboard. The latest data reported (September 22nd) showed an increase in some of the data points of fully vaccinated individuals. Here are screenshots of the data I have tracked to date:

Maryland residents that have been fully vaccinated

Notes: The latest data shows a slight decrease in the number of fully vaccinated individuals over the past week (compared to the previous week).


COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated Maryland residents

Notes: After a decrease last week the numbers jumped above 2,000 new cases again this past week.

Hospitalized due to COVID-19 of fully vaccinated Maryland residents

Notes: After a dip reported last week the numbers rose slightly this past week.

Deaths due to COVID-19 of fully vaccinated Maryland residents

Notes: The numbers went down a little this past week. This is regularly noted as a trailing indicator so watching this number may be important over the next couple of weeks.

According to the dashboard this week “Approximately 10.62% of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland since January 2021 have been among fully vaccinated individuals.”. This number has continued to increase weekly:


You can see the latest data from the State here:

I will continue to add the weekly data into my spreadsheet until the state begins to give us this level of detail on the dashboard.

Scott E


  1. While it’s useful to remind people that breakthrough cases can occur and the vaccinated still need to take the pandemic seriously, your posts might be more informative if they normalized the numbers of cases to the number of vaccinated people and provided meaningful risk analysis including comparison with being unvaccinated. Consider:

    1) The 20% of Maryland adults who are not vaccinated make up 80% of the hospitalizations, so unvaccinated adults are 16 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID.

    2) The number of breakthrough cases (roughly 2000/week) is very small compared with the number of vaccinated residents (roughly 3.5 million). Last week the breakthrough rate was 0.067%; the numbers are so small that the fluctuations week to week are statistically insignificant.

    3) You would expect some small increase in the raw number of breakthrough cases because there are more vaccinated people each week.


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