In what is a bit of a shock (at least to me) Jesse Pippy has withdrawn his candidacy for Maryland State Senate in District 4 in 2022 (per the Maryland State Board of Elections website)

Jesse Pippy is currently serving as a Delegate in District 4. It is not clear if he plans to run for office again in 2022 at this point. A check of his social media pages did not reveal a statement at the time of this article: The campaign website does not have additional information or been updated at this time either.

I reached out to Delegate Pippy on Facebook and will update this article if he sends over a statement.

Update: Here is what was posted on Facebook today:


I want to thank everyone for reaching out in light of the noticed change in my filing status for Maryland State Senate. The process of filing, withdrawing, or refiling for elective office is procedural and takes approximately 15 minutes. However, that’s not what this was about.

The truth of matter is that from the moment I filed the inside politics has been non-stop. I understand that comes with the position, however I needed to take a brief moment and step back to ensure that I am taking care of my personal priorities as well. I am all in for the public service, but the inside politics, which has nothing to do with actually serving the public, has been exhausting, especially when balancing that with any professional development and raising a young family. After all, we are supposed to be citizen legislators, not full-time politicians.

To my supporters, I want to reassure you that I have not made any final decisions about next year’s elections. The filing deadline is in February and prior to that, we will have redistricting during the legislative session.

At the end of the day, while I am an elected official, I am also a husband, father, son and friend, and sometimes we just need to take a moment to readjust to achieve balance.

Stay tuned and God bless,

Del. Pippy

It was back in June when Delegate Pippy announced he would seek the State Senate seat in District 4:

It’s official! Today, I filed for State Senate and I am looking forward to continuing my public service to you in Annapolis! #District4 #2022

The Delegate race in District 4 already has five candidates so far:

Carroll County Politics: Race for Delegate in District 4 getting crowded in the primary on the Republican side

I will keep an eye out for additional information.

District 4 currently serves Frederick County and Carroll County. We will see if that changes with the redistricting process. More on that at a later date.

Scott E


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