Carroll County Public Schools reports 214 COVID-19 confirmed positive current cases for students and staff on September 22nd

Continuing my school COVID-19 updates from last week…Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) is reporting 214 total cases of COVID-19 on September 22nd. Here is the breakdown:

  • 204 Students
  • 10 Staff

Here is a look at the numbers over the past 3 weeks:

  • Elementary Schools: 100 (up from 61 last week)
  • Middle Schools: 59 (up from 32 last week)
  • High Schools: 53 (up from 42 last week)
  • Other Schools and Locations: 2 (up from 1 last week)

Quarantine data is not posted on the COVID-19 dashboard today but it has been reported that the number this week is 1,221. Last Friday that number was 803.

The other major COVID related news in CCPS this past week was:

Northwest Middle School will be closed for all in-person learning for two days due to COVID-19: September 21st & September 22nd; Students will attend class virtually

I will keep an eye on this dataset for a little while on a weekly basis and continue to try and get the quarantine data through the office of communications until it is reported on the COVID-19 dashboard.

You can see all of the data on the CCPS COVID-19 Dashboard here:

Scott E

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