Since I recently reported out information from the Howard County Public School System relating to quarantine and COVID-19 cases and quarantines I thought I would take a look at what type information Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS). Taking a look at the COVID-19 dashboard provided by CCPS:

On September 15th there are 136 reported cases of COVID-19. Here is a break down:

  • 131 Students (up from 78 last week)
  • 5 staff (down from 13 last week)

  • Elementary Schools: 61 (up from 51 last week)
  • Middle Schools: 32 (up from 16 last week)
  • High Schools: 44 (up from 24 last week)
  • Other Schools and Locations: 1 (same number as last week)

If you ware wondering why the count is off a little looking at the numbers (like I did): * Career and Tech students are included in home high school counts but not duplicated in CCPS totals. 

So if you reduce 2 from high school (the number reported for Career and Tech) the numbers actual work out.

Quarantine data is not posted on the COVID-19 dashboard today so I reached out to CCPS Communications Department on September 16th inquiring about this information. The staff looked into it and here is what they released to me on September 17th:

“As of today, CCPS has 803 students in quarantine”

I will keep an eye on this dataset for a little while on a weekly basis and continue to try and get the quarantine data through the office of communications until it is reported on the COVID-19 dashboard.

Scott E


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