I have learned over the years it can be helpful to ask for things. After the announcement “Carroll County Redistricting Committee Information and Schedule” I was trying to figure out where I might be redistricted to in these four new proposals. While there were pretty color maps included on the redistricting website there was no way for me to enter my address and find out exactly what district my home fell in with the proposals.

So I did what I do from time to time…ASK. I reached out to one of the Commission on Redistricting Committee members (that I had met a few times recently in the county) and expressed my concern about not being able to look up my address in any way and the PDFs (while nice) were not specific enough for me.

Here is an example…folks that live near Gamber Road (Route 91 or MD 91) in Carroll County. The four proposals could mean very different districts for folks in that area:

Proposal A
Proposal B
Proposal C
Proposal D

As you can see the proposals put residents in that general area in District 2, 3 or 5 depending on the proposal you are looking at (I used this as my example because it is not far from where I live today).

The committee member listened, agreed with me and reached out to the county about getting the data entered into a GIS system for this purpose.


I asked for this back on September 15th…it is now September 17th and it is online today. Hard to beat a 48 hour turnaround time.

I can tell you that I have tested it and it works great.

Here are the links to the new GIS maps for each proposal (click image below to get to the GIS maps and just enter your address in each to see where your home falls in the proposals)

I hope you find these as useful as I have and hopefully the committee releases more information to the public prior to the start of the public sessions (beginning September 20th). Stay tuned for an upcoming article I have on additional data I would like to see released.

Scott E



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