It looks like we have a new candidate in the Howard County Council District 1 race in 2022: Sean McCurdy.

Sean has filed his paperwork for a Candidate Committee (Vote Sean McCurdy)

As of this post on September 16th he has not filed to run for office yet. To date the only candidate that has filed to run in District 1 is Neveen Kurtom. Still no official word that I have seen from current Howard County Councilmember Liz Walsh on re-election plans.


Sean has launched his campaign website and social media channels:

Screen capture of the candidate website

While not specifically noted on the social media accounts or website I am going under the assumption (based on comments from people on social media and statements from the website) that Sean may enter on the Republican side of the race in District 1. I will be watching the candidate filing page to confirm my assumption. Update: Yes, Sean will be running as a Republican.

I reached out to Sean for a photo and statement for this article. If I get those items from him I will update this article.

Update – Here is what Sean sent me on September 16th:

My name is Sean McCurdy and I am running to become the next county council member for District 1 in Howard County.  I am an IT project engineer by profession, but my real pride and passion stem from being a father, a lifelong Ellicott City resident, and a fierce community advocate.  I am the product of Howard County public schools-from Worthington Elementary to Ellicott Mills Middle to Centennial High (Go Eagles!).  I also earned my technical certifications from Howard Community College before actively becoming a part of the workforce.  I come from a background of healthcare providers where my father worked for nearly 30 years as a physician and my mother worked as a nurse.  Howard County has been home for my family for generations.  

I now work in the information technology sector where everyday, I make disparate pieces fit together and work efficiently.  I am running to become next county councilman for District 1 because I firmly believe that there needs to be a stronger vision to development and redevelopment in District 1 in addition to ensuring that our county council is responsive to the public safety and budgetary needs of our community.  For too long, our county council has been slow to render a comprehensive approach to growth and development.  We have seen land-use laws and zoning plans become a patchwork of inconsistent and incoherent messages in addition to being mired for months with unnecessary red tape.  It is time that District 1 has a council representative who can piece together a plan for smart growth that is equitable, affordable, and data-driven.

You can track all candidates in Howard County and links to their websites and social media channels here:

2022 Primary Election Candidates – Howard County

If you have any information on Howard County or Carroll County elections feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Scott E


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