Will Democrats in Howard County once again primary their elected official on the County Council in District 1

Neveen Kurtom held an event in Ellicott City this evening. I was unable to attend but did see some photos on social media. Those photos got me thinking…are we about to see a repeat of 2018 where the party will look to bounce their current elected official on the County Council in District 1 for someone new?

In 2018 Jon Weinstein ran for re-election. He lost in the Primary in a close…no very close…no SUPER close race to Liz Walsh (Liz Walsh Wins Recount In Howard County Council District 1 Democratic Primary) – the final tally 3,175 votes for Walsh and 3,169 for Weinstein.

In 2022 we know Neveen Kurtom is running for office…currently I am unsure if Liz Walsh is planning on running for re-election (I have not seen an announcement or candidate filing yet).

The photos I saw from the Neveen Kurtom event were interesting. Some of the people at the event included:

  • Multiple key members from the Calvin Ball administration
  • Multiple members of the current Howard County Democratic Central Committee
  • State’s Attorney Rich Gibson
  • Sheriff Marcus Harris

There may have been others…those are the significant members of the community I saw in photos on social media.

Now these members of the community and elected officials may be attending because this is the only candidate we have in District 1 today…or just maybe there is a movement in Howard County to once again change the member representing District 1.

I have watched enough in Howard County over the past few years to know there are a number of members of Liz Walsh’s party that are not thrilled with some of her votes or pieces of legislation proposed. I have seen enough 3 to 2 votes (or 2 to 3 votes) on the County Council to know that very well.

This may be the election to watch in Howard County in 2022. That is if Liz Walsh does decide to run. If Councilmember Walsh does not run…I think you may have the candidate on the Democratic side of the ticket.

I will continue to watch what happens. Filing deadline is not until February 22nd…so lots of time left for candidates / elected officials to make decisions on their futures.

Scott E

One comment

  1. ” the party will look to bounce their current elected official ”

    I hope that was not the case (not supporting Jon W in the primary). And, I hope that is not the case in the future.

    If it is the case, we should bounce the Dem Central Committee and management of the local Dem clubs in HoCo. Lets let the voters make the decision and not a small group in a back room do it for us.


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