Information from a September 11th event in Mount Airy

Information below was provided via press release:

Veterans and citizens from throughout Maryland convened in Mount Airy to commemorate the September 11 attacks and the lives lost, injured, and affected at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

The event featured Delegate Dan Cox, Delegate Reid Novotny, radio host Jennifer Charlton, Dr. Mariela Roca (a U.S. Air Force veteran and currently a candidate for the 8th Congressional district), retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Berney Flowers, and Dr. Joanne Fisher of the Women Veterans United Committee. It also included musical performances from locally renowned musician, Douglas Ray Phebus, and a moment of silence for the victims of the terrorist attacks and the late Mount Airy mayor, Patrick Rockinberg.

Beth Lawson, a chief organizer of the event noted, “This event was our second annual commemoration of the September 11th attacks and we were happy to again convene it in Mount Airy. The venue was short drive for most attendees as it is near four counties: Carroll County, Frederick County, Howard County, and Montgomery County.”

Another organizer, Janice Colcek, further stated, “The event aimed at remembering those lost on the September 11 attacks, recognizing the contributions of first responders like police and firefighters, and celebrating the strength, unity, and patriotism of ordinary Americans.”

The commemoration was held at the Baker-Simpson-Bowlus park in Mount Airy, Maryland and was free of charge. In efforts to continue the message of service and unity, event organizers encouraged donations for the Women Veterans United Committee both at the event and via their webpage,


Scott E

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