Carroll County Politics: Photos from the Haven Shoemaker event in Westminster on September 14th

Current Delegate (District 5) and candidate for Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker held a campaign event in Westminster on September 14th (Haven Shoemaker’s Bar at the Bar Reception).

The event was held at Johanssons Dining House in Westminster. It was my first time at this location…but be sure I will be back. I enjoyed my time there…the staff were excellent and it just seemed like a great place for dinner or just to hang out for a little bit.

Delegate Shoemaker allowed me to crash his event to cover it on the blog and take a few photos for the community. I always appreciate it when candidates for office allow me to just show up and take photos for the community at their various events.

Here are some photos I took at the event:

You can see the full photo set on Facebook here:

Some of the notable attendees included (remember I am the new guy around here attending these events so if I miss someone or multiple people I apologize) :

  • State Senator Justin Ready
  • State Delegate April Rose
  • Sheriff Jim DeWees
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court Heather DeWees
  • State’s Attorney Allan Culver
  • Board of Education President Marsha Herbert
  • Board of Education Vice President Kenneth Kiler

I am working on my various schedules to make it out to as many events as possible. I do not always see them all so if there are ones you think I should check out…always feel free to reach out to so I get it on my calendar.

Scott E

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