Howard County Politics: Candidate Committee Registration review shows a new entity for Amy Brooks

A new candidate committee has been registered for Amy Renee Brooks (Brooks for Maryland) established September 7th:

I reached out to Amy Brooks on Facebook and have yet to hear back.

Amy Brooks is the co-creator of Oakland Mills Online (OMO): (Story: Amy Brooks and Jessica Mahajan created an online village to combat coronavirus isolation in Oakland Mills – via Baltimore Sun)
and she is an English teacher at Oakland Mills High School.

I could guess what office this member of the community may seek in Howard County in 2022…but I will wait for the official candidate filing.

I will keep an eye out for additional filings of campaign finance committees and candidate filings during the 2022 election cycle.

You can track all local candidates running for office in Howard County here:

or you can follow candidate filings and additional information on Scott E’s Blog here:

Scott E

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