I continue to watch the information on the Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard in the “Post-Vaccination Infections” section at the bottom of this page:

I also continue to add this data into my own spreadsheet for tracking. Here are the changes to that section of the website I have noted:

COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated Maryland residents:

  • Reported through August 29th: 11,454
  • Reported through September 5th: 14,006
    • Change: +2,552

Cases hospitalized among fully vaccinated:

  • Reported through August 29th: 883
  • Reported through September 5th: 1,060
    • Change: +177

Lab-confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Maryland among fully vaccinated:

  • Reported through August 29th: 82
  • Reported through September 5th: 100
    • Change: +18

Here is a look at the data in my spreadsheet for the past few weeks I have been capturing this data:

You can see previous reports here:

Maryland reports more than 2,300 new COVID-19 cases of fully vaccinated individuals between August 22nd and August 29th

Maryland reports more than 2,000 new COVID-19 cases of fully vaccinated individuals between August 15th and August 22nd

The state has added some new metrics to the “Post-Vaccination Infections” section of the COVID-19 dashboard:

My only wish is that the data was a little more up to date (I would think August data would be available by now) and that this information was updated more often than monthly.

Last week I showed a breakdown of new cases on a weekly view…this week I am giving you a breakdown of hospitalizations (from the data provided above and from the state provided datasets) over the past 3 weeks.

I will continue to track the data in my spreadsheet for a while.

Scott E


  1. I have asked this before but how many of the 2500 fully vaccinated are asymptomatic ?
    I understand you can spread it even with no symptoms.
    Are we to believe 2500 were sick ?
    So far the media/politicians seemed to love broadcasting high numbers, positivity rates etc to scare us into following whatever rules they decide they want us to do(time will tell if they were right)
    But deaths/infections among vaccinated is not highlighted (except for Scott E and right wing radio for most part)
    People don’t like being lied to or misled . I try to listen and read several news sources and honestly have no idea who to believe. Everyone has an agenda.
    Even masks - common sense may say they help but is there any real data?
    We are told to “trust us” and follow the science but with little data to back some restrictions up it is no wonder many people are suspicious

    • They are not providing datasets for the vaccinated cases at this point. I am tracking it in my own spreadsheet as they update the numbers weekly at the bottom of the dashboard - see “Post-Vaccination Infections” section. I have a screenshot of my tracking spreadsheet in the article. I am then reviewing the total numbers reported in the datasets (everyone) and the vaccinated numbers (cases, hospitalizations, deaths) to come up with my data in the article. Hope that helps.

  2. I did find this:

    It indicates that 81.5% of Maryland adults have had at least one shot and vaccinated adults comprise 6.5% of the hospitalizations and 5.3% of deaths.

    This all suggests that failing to get vaccinated creates by far the greatest risk of hospitalization or death. Governor Hogan made this clear when he said “The vaccines are without a doubt our single most effective tool to mitigate the threat of COVID-19 and the surging Delta variant”

    • He is reporting all time numbers…total vaccinated ever vs total hospitalizations ever…I am looking at it weekly (as that is how they are reporting updates right now).

  3. I don’t understand the right sided columns or the math used.

    The last column “% vaccinated hospitalized” - is that to mean that the number is the percentage of hospitalized patients that are vaccinated?

    You seem to be mixing totals (vaccinated hospitalized) with new hospitalizations, without accounting for the fact that one is a running total and the other is new over the course of the week.

    Maybe I’m missing something?


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