Howard County Politics: A Candidate Committee Registration review shows a new entity for Janssen Evelyn and others

Screenshot of the Howard County Government website

I hear a lot of rumors throughout a campaign cycle about who might run for office in Howard County (and recently Carroll County). I have learned over the years to sit on many of those rumors until it becomes a reality. This is one of those rumors I have heard that seems to be close to reality.

A new candidate committee has been registered for Janssen Evelyn (Friends of Janssen E. Evelyn):

I have heard for a while that this member of the Howard County community may run for office. Standing up a Campaign Committee is a BIG first step in that process and generally indicates that something may happen.

I will not get into the office this member may seek as it is not official yet (no filing with the Board of Elections as of this post: ( but maybe some of my readers have heard the same rumors about Mr. Evelyn. Feel free to let me know what you think or have heard about what office he may seek now that a campaign finance committee has been stood up.

Per the Howard County Government website about Janssen Evelyn:

Janssen E. Evelyn was named Assistant Chief Administrative Officer in 2017. He began his career with Howard County government as an Assistant County Solicitor in the Office of Law in 2015. In this capacity, he advised and represented various county departments and offices, including the Office of Human Resources, the Department of Fire and Rescue Services, the Police Department, and the Department of Public Works on issues related to personnel matters, labor and employment, labor negotiations, and administrative issues. He also served as legal advisor to the Retirement Plan Committee.

Prior to joining the County, Evelyn worked as an Associate County Attorney in the Prince George’s County Office of Law from 2012-2015. There, he represented the county agencies and departments in all contested labor and personnel matters, EEOC charges, police and sheriff trial boards, and other employment proceedings. Before his public sector employment, he worked in private practice as a litigator specializing in civil litigation.

Originally hailing from Barbados, Evelyn attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland earning a B.S. in Political Science, with a concentration in African Diaspora Studies. He later received his J.D. degree from Washington and Lee School of Law. He served as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable George L. Russell, III, at the Circuit Court for Baltimore City from 2007-2008. Evelyn is admitted to practice law in Maryland and the U.S. District Court of Maryland.

ARTICLE UPDATE: I reached out to Howard County Government about the current employment status of Mr. Evelyn and this is what I have been told:

Janssen Evelyn is no longer with Howard County Government. He resigned effective August 20th.

I reached out (via Facebook Messenger) to this member of the Howard County community about the campaign finance committee and if an announcement is coming soon as here is what I heard back:

Thanks for your interest and for reaching out. I am still weighing my options. I will let you know when I make decision in a few weeks…

I will be sure to continue to watch for future filings or announcements. Be sure to keep an eye on my Howard County 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election Candidates page for updates.

Other Candidate Committee Registrations I have seen from Howard County are:

Harry Dunbar: I am guessing he is considering another run at County Executive in the Democratic Primary in 2022. No candidate filing yet but I have seen this Public Financing Committee Registration that is “Pending Submission”:

Carmelo Rodriguez: I literally have next to no information on this Candidate Committee Registration except that the address of the candidate is from Ellicott City. If you have any information let me know in the comments (or if you know this person let them know I have an interest in their potential campaign for office).

This election cycle looks to be an interesting one to watch (and to write about for folks like me).

I will do my best to bring you the most up to date information I can throughout this election cycle. Be sure to check out my 2022 Election Tracking Page for information on candidates in Howard County and Carroll County.

Scott E

One comment

  1. It is widely assumed that Jannsen plans to run against Deb Jung. Also, I am told that Alan Kittleman just announced for County Exec.

    — Dick Boulton


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