President of the Council Jason Poirier is currently serving as the Town of Mount Airy’s Acting Mayor

Announced by the Town of Mount Airy on September 3rd:

Notice to Residents

The Town Staff has received inquiries regarding the continuity of government following the passing of Mayor Patrick Rockinberg. Please note that the procedures have been implemented under the Town’s Charter as follows:

“C2-6 President of Council

The Council shall elect one of its members to serve as President of the Council. The President of the Council may vote on all issues coming before the Council and shall serve as Acting Mayor in case of the temporary absence or disability of the Mayor. The President shall retain his vote on the Council while serving as Acting Mayor.”

Therefore, President of the Council Jason Poirier is currently serving as the Town of Mount Airy’s Acting Mayor.


The current Mount Airy Town Council members are listed below along with their titles.

  • Jason Poirier, Council President
  • Pamela Reed, Council Secretary
  • Karl Munder
  • Lynne Galletti
  • Stephen Domotor

On August 29th Scott E’s Blog reported: Mount Airy Mayor Patrick Rockinberg Passes Away (Learn More)

On August 30th Scott E’s Blog reported: The Mount Airy Board of Supervisors of Elections will meet on August 31st to declare a Special Election for the Office of Mayor (Learn More).

On September 1st: According to the Frederick News Post “Mount Airy announces Nov. 2 as date of mayoral special election” (Learn More)

Scott E

Note: Photo of Jason Poirier above was taken from this public Facebook campaign account: which is the same photo used on the Town website here:

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