I continue to watch the information on the Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard in the “Post-Vaccination Infections” section at the bottom of this page:

I also continue to add this data into my own spreadsheet for tracking. Here are the changes to that section of the website I have noted:

COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated Maryland residents:

Cases hospitalized among fully vaccinated:


Lab-confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Maryland among fully vaccinated:

Percentage of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland since January 2021 have been among fully vaccinated individuals

Here is a screenshot of the data available today:

I pulled the statewide data for total cases of COVID-19 for the week leading up to August 29th. The total number of new COVID-19 cases leading up to that date was 8,014 for the week:

Date | Total Cases | New Cases (day) | New Cases (7 days)

Because of the way the data is reported on the dashboard I am not totally clear on if the 2,300+ new cases are out of the 8,000+ total cases or if the state is still pulling data further back to get the 2,300+ new cases reported on August 29th. Hopefully we get better reporting and explanation of this data in the future.

If you assume that the numbers I am getting from the state are correct and I am reading it correctly…the % of individuals vaccinated of the total number of COVID-19 cases over a week looks like this:

  • Week leading up to August 22nd:
    • 2,046 fully vaccinated cases and 7,016 total cases
    • 29.2% of cases are vaccinated individuals
  • Week leading up to August 29th:
    • 2,375 fully vaccinated cases and 8,014 total cases
    • 29.6% of cases are vaccinated individuals

This is still what I am hoping for from the state and local jurisdictions so that I can be sure that my data analysis above is correct:

I hope to see the State of Maryland, Howard County and Carroll County transition to a new reporting style of data for the COVID-19 pandemic

I will continue to track what is reported in this section of the dashboard until the state provides this type of tracking on the dashboard.

Scott E


  1. This is scary. I am not an anti Vaxxer by any stretch but 150 deaths and thousands and thousands of infections among fully vaccinated? Not the story the media/politicians have been preaching.
    My entire immediate and extended family are vaccinated and don’t regret it but doesn’t seem to be as effective as the media/politicians(who seem to work hand and hand on this) are saying


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