Updated Mask Mandates in Maryland Schools: Carroll County and Somerset County are hold outs to implement the proposed state mandate of mandatory masks in schools

It looks like two counties in Maryland remain holdouts in implementing the “proposed emergency regulation to require masks inside public schools“: Somerset County and Carroll County. Here is what I know today:

Carroll County:

Carroll County Board of Education votes to hold off on the statewide school mask mandate until after it is approved by the General Assembly

Somerset County: Here is a post on social media from August 30th:

Welcome back, Students! We hope your day was great! #TeamSCPS #SmallButMighty

Two other counties that had planned on mask optional for staff and students (or masks optional for vaccinated staff and students) have gone to masks mandatory: Dorchester County and Worcester County:

Worcester County Public Schools: Beginning on August 30th all students and staff – regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear face coverings in school buildings

While not in the title of that article Dorchester County is noted in the article link above. There is also this social media post from Dorchester Public Schools on august 30th.

Reported by Fox 45 Baltimore on August 30th: Gov. Hogan says he will not waive waiting period to implement mandatory masks in schools.

“The legislative panel has a scheduled hearing for Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. to vote to require masking in all Maryland schools. The meeting will be held virtually.”



Sarah K. Elfreth, Senate Chair (chosen by Senate President)
Samuel I. Rosenberg, House Chair (chosen by House Speaker)

Appointed by Senate President:
Malcolm L. Augustine
Jill P. Carter
Robert G. Cassilly
Adelaide C. Eckardt
Antonio L. Hayes
Stephen S. Hershey, Jr.
William C. Smith, Jr.
Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher
Ronald L. Young

Appointed by House Speaker:
Jason C. Buckel
Marvin E. Holmes, Jr.
Jay A. Jacobs
Brooke E. Lierman
Susan K. McComas
Kirill Reznik
Sheree Sample-Hughes
Haven N. Shoemaker, Jr.

You can view all of the past articles on the blog about the Mask Mandates for the various school systems around Maryland here:


Scott E

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