Carroll County Commission on Redistricting Committee first scheduled meeting is September 2, 2021

In Carroll County the Commission on Redistricting Committee is scheduled to hold their first meeting on September 2nd. Here is information about the committee from the Carroll County Government website:

In 2003, the General Assembly passed House Bill 290, which required the holding of a referendum during the November 2004 general election to allow voters to cast ballots for or against a proposed new form of government: the expansion of the Board of County Commissioners (“BCC”) from three to five members elected by the district. In November of 2004, the referendum was put to a vote and passed. Section 3-101(e) of the Carroll County Code requires that the BCC appoint a new Redistricting Committee following the release of the decennial census to examine the Commissioner Districts based on the revised census data. In May, 2021, the following individuals were appointed to serve on the Redistricting Committee:

Redistricting Committee Members

Charles E. Harrison
Karen Leatherwood
Joseph Leeman
James L. McCarron, Jr.
Harvey Rabinowitz
Christopher Tomlinson
Raquel Pappas Welsh

The Redistricting Committee is assisted by Timothy C. Burke, County Attorney.

Redistricting Committee Functions

The Committee is charged with reviewing the five existing Commissioner districts in the County based on the 2020 census data to ensure that the districts continue to have a substantially equal population and preparing recommended revisions as necessary. Such recommendations must be submitted to the Carroll County Legislative Delegation to the General Assembly by December 1, 2021.

First scheduled meeting is September 2, 2021, at 4:00 PM in Room 003 of the County Office Building.

Upcoming Agenda

Here is a map of the current Commissioner Districts:

Here is a PDF version: commlegcongelectiondistricts that can also be found here:

As a somewhat new resident in Carroll County that lives in District 2…but REALLY close to the boarder of District 5…I will have great interest in the process and the new lines drawn by this committee.

I will do my best to keep up with the information that is published by the committee and report out what I learn to my readers.

Scott E

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