New Community Blog in Howard County: HoCo Watchdogs

I am taking the information below from a post to the the Better Howard Together Facebook Group:

Officially announcing HoCo Watchdogs: a new community blog founded to provide genuinely independent investigative research and sensible non-partisan advocacy to the residents of Howard County, Maryland.

At launch, HoCo Watchdogs offers three unique new services for the community:

1) Community Blog that spans a wide variety of Howard County & HCPSS-related topics, with particular emphasis on transparency, accountability, and ethical governance ( )

2) Secure Reporting Platform that enables Howard County residents, employees and elected officials to send information of public interest through secure technology that helps to protect the identity of the source ( )

3) Biweekly-to-Monthly Newsletter with links to recommended articles & videos to be informed about important local issues.

Join us to stay informed by “liking” the HoCo Watchdogs Facebook page here:

, following the Twitter account @HoCoWatchdogs here

and subscribing to the HoCo Watchdogs newsletter:

Got a tip on a Howard County-related issue? Submit a tip to the HoCo Watchdogs Secure Reporting Platform:

Would you like to be a HoCo Watchdog too? Guest posts are welcome and will be considered for publication at any time. Please review the Guest Post guidelines here: and email your written post and any associated media to:


The following is a more detailed detailed description of each service that HoCo Watchdogs offers:

1) HoCo Watchdogs Blog ( )

This blog will serve as both a community resource and tool. As a resource, the blog has been pre-populated with over 40 major posts published on social media since 2019 that span a wide variety of Howard County & HCPSS-related topics, with particular emphasis on transparency, accountability, and ethical governance. The blog will continue to be periodically updated with new significant posts on these topics. All posts are categorized & easily sharable across social media, email & mobile chat apps.

As a tool, this blog will be used to amplify your voice and give fellow community members a means for publishing their own posts that center around the blog theme of transparency, accountability, and sensible advocacy. Guest post contributions are not only welcome but wholeheartedly encouraged and will be considered for publication at any time — both named & anonymous authors are welcome. Please read the instructions here: and email your written post and any associated media (pictures, links, YouTube videos etc.) to:

2) HoCo Watchdogs Secure Reporting Platform )

The HoCo Watchdogs Secure Reporting Platform is a new community tool that allows Howard County residents, employees and elected officials to send information of public interest through secure technology that protects the identity of the source. Advanced digital security technology designed exclusively for confidential & anonymous information sharing is employed to ensure maximum confidentiality & security for sources.

The Confidential Submission site is powered by Globaleaks ), an open source whistleblowing software platform trusted by civil watchdog & news organizations worldwide. The Anonymous Submission site uses SecureDrop ), an ultra secure whistleblower system currently in use by many major US & worldwide news organizations.

Information received through this platform will be researched & analyzed for veracity. Once confidently proven, the information will either be used as the foundation of further research in a larger investigation, be included as valuable supporting information in a HoCo Watchdogs blog post and/or be discreetly disseminated to appropriate local media outlets & civil organizations on a need-to-know basis.

3) The HoCo Watchdogs Newsletter (subscription link here: ( )

This biweekly-to-monthly newsletter will provide links to select past and current articles & blog posts, videos & social media posts by HoCo Watchdogs and other bloggers & local authors that are recommended reads & viewings for all who seek to stay informed about important local issues affecting Howard County, Maryland.

Recommendations for content to include in this newsletter are welcomed from readers and the general community at all times and can be emailed to or sent as a private message. With this newsletter as a tool, we as a community can work together to keep each other and the greater Howard County community informed of significant local issues.


Your help is needed to support these efforts! Please spread the word about the existence of these new community resources & tools to all Howard County stakeholders that you know.

If you appreciate them and would like to see them continue and thrive, please also consider contributing a single or monthly donation to support current and future HoCo Watchdogs operations:


Scott E


  1. Not to sound paranoid, but after the rouse project’s scandalous unmasking, do we know who started this site? The domain registration is private, not disclosed.

    That said the sites purpose sounds great.


  2. @Linda Wengel & @Alex Smith — thank you for the interest. I completely understand the need for a name attached to this blog & organization. The author for each blog post can be found under the post’s title. My name as founder of HoCo Watchdogs is listed under the Mission on the “About” page:


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