One of the new items I am watching on the Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard is the “Post-Vaccination Infections” section at the bottom of this page:

At the moment this looks to be updating weekly (there was data reported from January 26 – August 15, 2021 and now there is data reported from January 26 – August 22, 2021). Noted on the bottom of the section: “Note: Data are refreshed Wednesdays and include cases reported through Monday. All data are preliminary and subject to change based on additional reporting“.

I have begun adding this data into my own spreadsheet for tracking. Here are the changes to that section of the website I have noted:

COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated Maryland residents:

  • Reported through August 15th: 7,033
  • Reported through August 22nd: 9,079
    • Change: +2,046

Cases hospitalized among fully vaccinated:

  • Reported through August 15th: 627
  • Reported through August 22nd: 733
    • Change: +106

Lab-confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Maryland among fully vaccinated:

  • Reported through August 15th: 71
  • Reported through August 22nd: 76
    • Change: +5

Percentage of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland since January 2021 have been among fully vaccinated individuals

  • Reported through August 15th: 5.30%
  • Reported through August 22nd: 6.50%
    • Change: +1.2%

Here is a screenshot of the data available today:

I pulled the statewide data for total cases of COVID-19 for the week leading up to August 22nd. The total number of new COVID-19 cases leading up to that date was 7,016 for the week:

Date | Total Cases | New Cases (day) | New Cases (7 days)

2021/08/16 14:00:00+00 480718 766 6163
2021/08/17 14:00:00+00 481569 851 6385
2021/08/18 14:00:00+00 482581 1012 6511
2021/08/19 14:00:00+00 483641 1060 6524
2021/08/20 14:00:00+00 484847 1206 6780
2021/08/21 14:00:00+00 485978 1131 6895
2021/08/22 14:00:00+00 486968 990 7016

Because of the way the data is reported on the dashboard I am not totally clear on if the 2,000+ new cases are out of the 7,000+ total cases or if the state is still pulling data further back to get the 2,000+ new cases reported on August 22nd. Hopefully we get better reporting and explanation of this data in the future.

I will continue to track what is reported in this section of the dashboard until the state provides this type of tracking on the dashboard.

Scott E