Here are the TOP 4 stocks (percentage) in various Stock Market Fantasy Game player portfolios in August 2021 (all information is as of the morning of August 21st):

Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE): This stock is up 37.56% so far in August. This stock is the top stock of all stocks (percentage up) in player portfolios. The stock has earned Jermey $370.48 to date this month.

Grid Dynamics Holdings Inc (GDYN): This stock is up 16.96% so far in August. The stock has earned Harry $178.50 to date this month.

Fortinet Inc (FTNT): This stock is up 9.44% so far in August. The stock has earned Scott E $128.50 to date this month.


NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA): This stock is up 6.75% so far in August. The stock has earned Wendi $131.70 and earned Leland $79.02 to date this month.

Fantasy Stock Market Player Standings in August to date:

Three players are above water this month to date while 5 players are still hoping to get back to positive gains. Jermey is currently leading with gains of $126.27 to date this month.

Not all is great with the player portfolios. Here are the worst four stocks is player portfolios this month to date:

  • Skillz Inc (SKLZ) is down 25.43% in August to date.
  • Lemonade Inc (LMND) is down 20.81% in August to date.
  • Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co (HOFV) is down 13.85% in August to date.
  • Vale SA (VALE) is down 13.27% in August to date.

There are still seven “Market Days” left in the month and things are still close enough for many players to take over the top spot before the end of the month (ok…probably not Wendi or Tim…but most others still have a shot at the top spot).

You can follow along with the current and past months here:

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