Howard Community College pays off outstanding debt for more than 2,000 students

Howard Community College has spent $1.64 million of federal relief funds to clear the student debt for a total of 2,050 students. The college concentrated its debt assistance on students with outstanding balances from the start of the pandemic to the end of the summer 2021 session, which concluded recently concluded.

“Howard Community College is pleased to support our students during this incredibly challenging time. COVID-19 has impacted so many students and families in our community,” said Dr. Kathleen Hetherington, president of Howard Community College. “By clearing outstanding debt, students can continue to make progress toward their academic and career goals.”

After the balances were cleared, each student received notification that any holds on their account were removed. This important step ensures students can register for classes, acquire transcripts, or transfer to four-year colleges and universities without owing any funds to Howard Community College. Additionally, students can now focus their personal funding on important everyday living expenses.

In addition to helping students with outstanding balances, Howard Community College has awarded nearly $5.8 million in federal funding to 4,480 students to support their college education. The college plans to spend $4 million for students in the fall semester and another $4 million for students in spring 2022.

Howard Community College is fully operational for its fall semester, with classes offered face-to-face on campus, hybrid, scheduled remote, and flexible online. Fall classes start August 28.

For more information about the college’s special funding available to students impacted by COVID-19 and other financial aid services, visit


OK…This is a pretty cool announcement from HCC.

Scott E

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