Kelly Schulz (Secretary, Maryland Department of Commerce and candidate for Governor in Maryland in 2022) was the key speaker at an event held by Carroll Republican Victory at Illiano’s J&P Restaurant in Westminster on August 16th.

Secretary Schulz spoke about a number of topics related to her campaign, took questions from the crowd (I am estimating around 60 people attended) and then met with attendees at the end of the event.

There were a number of local elected officials and candidates for office in attendance at the event.

I was able to attend, meet some people and get a number of photos for the blog followers. Here are a few of those photos I took last evening:


If you would like to see more photos (52 pics) from the event click the image below:

The group gave tickets to attendees and had a give away (a throw back bag from 2011) at the end of the event…and guess which person had their ticket chosen by Secretary Schultz? Me.

Here was what I won:

All in all it was a fun event to attend and meeting with a lot of the local elected folks and candidates for office is always fun for me. Hopefully I can schedule an interview with Secretary Schultz about her campaign down the road to live stream that interview on the Blog channels.

Scott E


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