I had the bad luck to recently run over a shredded tire on the interstate that caused my SUV some issues. The Front Engine Splash Shield (see photo below) looked like it might have taken some damage and part of it had come loose. This problem caused me to duct tape it up (so it would not drag on the ground) until I could get it over to someone that could give it a look.

Here is what the Front Engine Splash Shield looks like:

I did a little research on the cost to replace the shield and figured time to install it and replace it would probably cost me a couple hundred dollars would take days (because who stores 2013 SUV parts on hand). Obviously I was not thrilled at that possibility…but really had no choice.

I called up Jones Auto Care in Finksburg early in the morning on August 13th and explained my issue. They asked me to bring it over and they would take a look at it. I had it over to them pretty quickly and the person at the desk came right out and gave it a look right away.


He had to remove all of the duct tape I had on it and explained to me that it looked like the current shield had come loose from the bolts and that he may be able to just reattach it. He offered to have me hang out in the office (because it is air conditioned and it is a million degrees outside). I took him up on that offer.

He returned within 10 minutes and had attached new bolts and all was good again. He charged me a minimal amount for his time to fix the issue.

This employee has earned the business a future customer for my (and our family) auto repair needs. He could not have been nicer or provided better customer service.

I would give this business 5 STARS (out of five) and highly I recommend it.

You can visit their website here:

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Here is their location:

Scott E


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