Maryland Young Republicans hold Safeguarding Elections in Maryland Panel Discussion in Carroll County on August 10th

The Maryland Young Republicans held a panel discussion on Safeguarding Elections in Maryland on August 10th. The event was held in Carroll County (at the Green Turtle in Westminster). Panelist for the event included:

  • Ambasador Ellen Sauerbrey
  • Delegate Jason Buckel (District 1B)
  • Delegate Brenda Thiam (District 2B)
  • Delegate Haven Shoemaker (District 5)

Delegate Reid Novotny’s (District 9A) plane got delayed coming back to Maryland and was not able to attend the event on the 10th.

I was able to make it out to the event and take some photos and meet some new people in the county. Here are some of the photos I took from the event:

You can see all 30 photos I took from the event here:


The Maryland Young Republicans Live Streamed the event on Facebook and you can watch that HERE:


Scott E

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