Howard County Leaders To Provide Critical COVID-19 Update On August 10th

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball and community leaders will discuss vaccine incentives, COVID-19 safety and precautions during the upcoming school year on Tuesday, August 10th at 11:00 a.m. in Columbia.

COVID-19 Press Conference

Tuesday, August 10th at 11:00 a.m.

Howard Community College Athletic and Fitness Center, 5500 Dragon Pl, Columbia, MD 21044

Calvin Ball, County Executive
Dr. Maura Rossman, Howard County Health Officer
Dr. Michael Martirano, HCPSS Superintendent
Lynn Coleman, Vice President of Administration and Finance, HCC
Kristin DeCou and Keith O’Neil, Howard County Parents

Note: Howard Community College currently has a mask mandate in place, masks are required for all individuals.


I will not be able to attend this announcement (I have work meetings today) but will post the video from the announcement on this article below.

I am betting there will be a press release later in the day outlining items made in the announcement and I will have that online this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Scott E


  1. So vaccinated students have to wear masks all day
    (If Delta that bad a virtual option should be offered)but most of the speakers lowered or took them off.
    Tired of the hypocrisy- if you can’t speak into the mic with a mask how is a teacher supposed to talk all day.
    Classic case of do as I say not as I do
    And the super said he looks forward to having students back for normalized instruction-don’t insult us
    It’s not normal if you have a mask on indoors all day.

    Just for the record I am not opposed to mask requirements in most cases – just believe virtual learning should be offered until it’s safe


  2. I am so sick of “urgent” updates that are just more if the same. I really don’t care about “cases” and infection rate, I care about deaths and those are down.


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