On August 6th Jesse A. Gibson filed to run for Carroll County Commissioner in District 1 in 2022. Jessie is the first candidate to officially file to run in District 1.

I reached out to the candidate to get a little background and information for my readers. Here is information provided from Jessie Gibson:

My name is Jesse A. Gibson, and I grew up just outside of New Windsor on the Frederick County line. My wife and I moved to Carroll County 7 years ago and have been raising our son here since. I currently work for Frederick County Fire Rescue and have been there for the last twelve years. I have always wanted to help my community and I feel this is the next step in doing so.One of the lieutenants I had the opportunity to work for used to say, “leave it better than you found it” and that stuck with me.

Since I have been part of this community, I have been looking for a way to positively impact it and this is my opportunity. I am looking forward to serving the residents of this county and hopefully leaving a lasting impact on the community.


As of this post Jesse has not stood up a website or social media channels for his campaign (I am hoping those are coming soon).

I want to the thank Jesse for sending me the background and photo for this article.  I am hoping to catch up with him for coffee soon and maybe schedule an online live streamed interview down the road for my readers and followers.

Other candidates that have filed to run to Commissioner in Carroll County in 2022 to date include:

  • District 2: Dave Reese, Sr.
  • District 5: Ed Rothstein (Read More)

You can see all local filings in Carroll County here:

Here are some neat little fun facts for those considering running for County Commissioner in Carroll County:

See more qualifications for other local offices here:

If my math is correct the following current County Commissioners are term limited (all three elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018):

  • District 1: Stephen Albert Wantz
  • District 2: C. Richard Weaver
  • District 3: Dennis E. Frazier

We already know that Commissioner Frazier will be seeking a Delegate seat in District 5 in 2022 (Read More). I will keep an eye out for announcements from the other elected officials on their future plans.

As a recent resident in District 2 in Carroll County you can bet I will be paying very close attention to that race (I need to reach out to the currently filed candidate in that race and if anyone reading this has a direct line to him please let Dave know I would love to catch up soon)…but I will be watching many other races in the county as well…so check back on the Blog for future updates.

Scott E


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