Howard County Councilmembers Jones and Rigby Announce Completion of the Racial Equity Task Force Report

On Monday, August 2nd, the Howard County Council’s Racial Equity Task Force delivered its Final Report to the Howard County Council. Over the last ten months, the Racial Equity Task Force has worked diligently to assess and analyze racial equity in Howard County and has compiled its findings and recommendations into a final report for the County Council.

The Task Force was authorized by the passage of Council Resolution 142-2020 and was assembled in October 2020. The Task Force was composed of a wide array of over 60 community members, leaders, activists, and students with a common goal to investigate and recommend opportunities to improve racial equity in Howard County.

To complete this work, the Task Force was divided into six subgroups, each with a specific policy focus area: economic and workforce development, education, land-use and housing, legislative processes, personal and public safety, and public health and environmental policy. Over the course of its work, the Racial Equity Task Force held over 50 public meetings, including two public hearings.

With the goal of reducing racial disparities in Howard County, the Racial Equity Task Force has reviewed different indicators, data, and information that pertain to racial equity in Howard County. In its final report, the Task Force offers over 60 recommendations for legislation, county programs, funding opportunities, and policy changes to improve racial equity. The final report includes detailed information on these recommendations, as well as information on the underlying data used by the Task Force.

“Firstly, I’m grateful for the members for giving their time and resources over the last few months. Their volunteerism and love for Howard County goes without saying. Secondly, I look forward to carefully reviewing every single recommendation and working with my colleagues on the County Council to file legislation to improve racial equity here in Howard County,” said Councilmember Opel Jones. “I would like to offer a special thank you to the subgroup chairs, all members of the Racial Equity Task Force, and residents for your dedication and input for the betterment of our communities and Howard County.”

“I am looking forward to reviewing the detailed recommendations that have been proposed by the Racial Equity Task Force in their final report,” said Councilwoman Christiana Rigby. “The Task Force members have worked incredibly hard over the last several months to prepare this report, and I am so grateful for their service to our community through this important effort.”

With the completion and presentation of the report to the Howard County Council, the Council now has the opportunity to review the recommendations proposed by the Task Force and begin the process of implementation.

You can read the final report of the Racial Equity Task Force here. You can learn more about the Task Force and its work here.


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Scott E


  1. I briefly read through this and first thought was if this was a report on Howard County 2021 or the Deep South in the 1950s.


  2. Also a strong defund the police message(disguised as “ alternative to policing”)

    I’m not saying things are perfect and no room for improvements in areas.
    In my eyes the county/schools have a segregation element to them. Certain areas have more apartments and certain areas have more affordable / lower income housing options.
    Guess you can blame the council for zoning over the last 20 years. But communities change bet 30 years ago some areas in Wilde Lake,Long Reach Owen Brown were the place to be now they are not for the most part.
    Western Howard County , many parts of Elliott City are made up of higher end homes and higher incomes-is that anyone’s fault?
    A section of the report deals with ESOL struggling in school- not say to ignore them but doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why some that doesn’t speak English has more trouble in school than someone that does.
    Ponder this- what if you separated Columbia from the rest of the county? It would be diverse and fairly equitable. You can’t and shouldn’t compare Glenwood to Oakland Mills.


  3. “Racial equity” is now only code wording to make certain that white people lose ground and have less of voice and fewer rights of our own. ‘Diversity’ and equity both only mean to make it easier to exclude white people or force certain ways of thinking on us all.
    This area of MD. will never change. I can’t wait to be out of it.


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