The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of Michael Vincent Bonczewski on child sexual abuse charges

“Baltimore County suspect arrested on sexual abuse of a minor charges”

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of Michael Vincent Bonczewski, a 38 year old from Baltimore County, on child sexual abuse charges.

In January, 2021, a victim came forward and reported to Carroll County Advocacy and Investigation Center Detectives that he had been the victim of sexual abuse from 2010 through 2012. He was 13 years old when the abuse began. It is believed that the abuse occurred between 150 to 200 separate times at several locations in Baltimore and Carroll County.

With the assistance of the Baltimore County Police Department, Bonczewski was arrested at his home on Wednesday, August 4th. He was taken to Carroll County Central Booking, where he was held without bond. He is charged with:

Sexual Abuse of a Minor, 3 counts
Continuing Course of Conduct with a Child, 3 counts
Sexual Solicitation of a Minor
Child Pornography
(All individuals are presumed innocent of the pending charges until proven guilty in a court of law)

At this time, there is one known victim. However, due to the number of youth organizations Bonczewski has been associated with over the years, detectives are concerned there may be more victims that have not yet come forward. The following is an approximate timeline of organizations Bonczewski has associated with based on what has been uncovered up to this point of the investigation.

2004-Present: Hereford Volunteer Fire Department
(Baltimore County, Maryland)

2007-2008- Volunteer Football coach at Hereford Middle School

2007-2009- Volunteer for Hereford Recreational Football League

2008-2009- Applied for Paid Staffing for Hereford High School Football
Accepted but left employment prior to season
(Baltimore County, Maryland)

2009-2010- Volunteer Assistant Football Coach at North Carroll Recreational League
(Carroll County, Maryland)

2011-2012- Assistant Coach for the Manchester Valley High School Football Program
(Carroll County, Maryland)

2011-2012- Assistant Coach for the York County School of Technology Football Program
(York, Pennsylvania)

2014-2015- Volunteer Staff at Chesapeake Rock Lacrosse Club
(Baltimore County, Maryland)

2016-2017- Volunteer Staff at FCA; Fellowship of Christian Athletes
(Baltimore County, Maryland)

2017-2017- Volunteer Staff at Hamilton Football League
(Baltimore County, Maryland)

2019-2019: Employed at (Landscaping Position)
The Bryn Mawr School (Baltimore City, Maryland)

Anyone who believes that they or their child may have been a victim at a location in Carroll County is encouraged to contact our dedicated Tips line at 443-373-1684 or email Detective McMillion at

For any related incident that may have occurred in Baltimore County, please contact Detective Kuhns at 410-853-3650.

Michael Bonczewski was held without bond after his bail review hearing this morning and currently remains at the Carroll County Detention Center.


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