Mask Mandates in Maryland Schools: What we know up to this point


One of the things parents will be watching closely is the mask mandates in schools due to COVID-19. Here is what we know various jurisdictions have announced as of early August 2021:

Requiring masks for students and staff:

  • Baltimore County
  • Baltimore City
  • Charles County
  • Frederick County
  • Howard County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George’s County

Encouraging the use of face masks by students and staff who are not vaccinated:

  • Queen Anne’s County



Breaking down the vaccination numbers (eligible age 12+ fully vaccinated) in the jurisdictions noted above:

  • Howard County (80.3% – ranked 1st)
  • Montgomery County (76% – ranked 2nd)
  • Frederick County (68.4% – ranked 3rd)
  • Baltimore County (67.8% – ranked 4th)
  • Charles County (56.6% – ranked 14th)
  • Prince George’s County (56.3% – ranked 15th)
  • Baltimore City (53.7% – ranked ranked 16th)


  • Queen Anne’s County (61.7% – ranked 10th)


I will watch out for further announcements from other jurisdictions in Maryland (especially central Maryland).

One of the things I will be very interested in…will the “mask mandates” imposed this year have parents rethink returning their students to schools this next year? We know there was a significant drop in enrollment in the 2020-2021 school year. Many expect a great number of students to return this year…but now I wonder if the mask requirement reduces the number expected to return. I will be watching the September numbers for Howard and Carroll Counties and may put out updates on school enrollment numbers.

Scott E

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